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War Chest: BlizzCon 2017

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War Chest: BlizzCon 2017[1] was released on July 19th, 2017.[1] From October 5 to November 4, the War Chest was no longer available for purchase and experience gains were doubled. The War Chest features will be available for individual sale from January 2018, though the emoticons, decals, sprays, and portraits will remain exclusive for those who purchased the War Chest during the event.[2] With the release of patch 4.2.0 on February 20, 2018, the skins are once again available for purchase.[3]

This War Chest reached $700,000 in prize pool money over the course of the event.[1]

The following rewards were available from the War Chest:[1]


Tier Reward
SCV Special Forces SCV

marine Black and White Marine Portrait

Tier 1 marine Special Forces Marine
Tier 2 marauder Special Forces Marauder
Tier 3 ghost Special Forces Ghost
Tier 4 reaper Special Forces Reaper

FeelsGoodMarine SC2LotvEmoticon.png Feels Good Marine Emoticon

Tier 5 Medivac Special Forces Medivac

FistBump SC2LotvEmoticon.png Fist Bump Emoticon

Tier 6 hellion Special Forces Hellion
Tier 7 cyclone Special Forces Cyclone
Tier 8 widow mine Special Forces Widow Mine
Tier 9 siege tank Special Forces Siege Tank

TerranTurtle SC2LotvEmoticon.png Terran Turtle Emoticon

Tier 10 thor Special Forces Thor

Baited SC2LotvEmoticon.png Baited Emoticon
Applause SC2LotvEmoticon.png Applause Emoticon
Ghost Ghost Spray
Jim Raynor Rattlesnake Spray

Tier 11 banshee Special Forces Banshee
Tier 12 viking Special Forces Viking
Tier 13 liberator Special Forces Liberator
Tier 14 raven Special Forces Raven

Dominion Special Forces Black Ops Spray

Tier 15 battlecruiser Special Forces Battlecruiser

Questionmark SC2LotvEmoticon.png ??? Emoticon
QQ SC2LotvEmoticon.png QQ Emoticon
Peace SC2LotvEmoticon.png Peace Emoticon
marine Color Marine Portrait
ghost Ghost Decal


Tier Reward
probe Forged Probe

Alarak Black and White Alarak Portrait

Tier 1 zealot Forged Zealot
Tier 2 adept Forged Adept
Tier 3 stalker Forged Stalker
Tier 4 dark templar Forged Dark Templar

Gift SC2LotvEmoticon.png Gift Emoticon

Tier 5 high templar Forged High Templar

Cheese SC2LotvEmoticon.png Cheese Emoticon

Tier 6 sentry Forged Sentry
Tier 7 immortal Forged Immortal
Tier 8 oracle Forged Oracle
Tier 9 disruptor Forged Disruptor

Survivor SC2LotvEmoticon.png Survivor Emoticon

Tier 10 colossus Forged Colossus

observer Forged Observer
Stone zealot Nexus Spray

Tier 11 phoenix Forged Phoenix
Tier 12 void ray Forged Void Ray
Tier 13 warp prism Forged warp prism
Tier 14 mothership Forged Mothership

Abathur Corrupted Protoss Spray

Tier 15 Carrier Forged Carrier

tempest Forged Tempest
Alarak Color Alarak Portrait
Amon's Forces Corrupted Protoss Spray


Tier Reward
drone Leviathan Drone

scourge Black and White Scourge Portrait

Tier 1 zergling Leviathan Zergling
Tier 2 hydralisk Leviathan Hydralisk
Tier 3 roach Leviathan Roach
Tier 4 baneling Leviathan Baneling

RIP SC2LotvEmoticon.png RIP Emoticon

Tier 5 queen (StarCraft II) Leviathan Queen

StinkyTofu SC2LotvEmoticon.png Stinky, Stinky Tofu Emoticon

Tier 6 ravager Leviathan Ravager
Tier 7 swarm host Leviathan Swarm Host
Tier 8 infestor Leviathan Infestor
Tier 9 lurker Leviathan Lurker

Kappa SC2LotvEmoticon.png Kappa Emoticon

Tier 10 ultralisk Leviathan Ultralisk

TeaTime SC2LotvEmoticon.png Tea Time Emoticon
FingersCrossed SC2LotvEmoticon.png Fingers Crossed Emoticon
Leviathan Brood Claws Spray
overlord Overlord Spray

Tier 11 overlord Leviathan Overlord
Tier 12 mutalisk Leviathan Mutalisk
Tier 13 Corruptor Leviathan Corruptor
Tier 14 viper Leviathan Viper

Abathur Abathur Spray

Tier 15 brood lord Leviathan Brood Lord

overseer Leviathan Overseer
scourge Color Scourge Portrait
Leviathan Brood Claws Decal


The following rewards are given upon the first purchase of any War Chest:


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